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pop? seriously, pop?

Behold a fantastic soda vs pop infographic/map

When I was a kid in Southern California we called carbonated soft drinks "coke" in the generic sense. I wasn't introduced to "soda" until I moved to Manhattan in 1985.

It looks like California has been slowly working in "soda" but not to the near 100% penetration of the North-East.

Does anyone know what they use in the "other" sections of Virginia and North Carolina?

[via MetaFilter]

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  • The integrity of this map is highly questionable… there would be lots of ‘other’ patches throughout new england where they say tonic.

  • Corey

    If you go into the site and drill down they have some other graphs which show "tonic" in and around Boston. Apparently that’s a snobby term and it looks like they were asking young people mostly. if you drill down into the other column you get a lot of silly things that indicate teenagers are responding.