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coke zero and diarrhea

My previous post in praise of diet coke elicited this comment:

Diet Coke is fine, but steer clear of the Coke Zero. 6 ounces of it and it's like I injected olestra straight into my body.

I haven’t explored this with scientific rigor, but I too had serious distress stemming from my first 20 oz of Coke Zero.

This post is also serving as my test of Technorati tags:

UPDATE: The passing of time had made me curious about whether this was an anomolous incident or not. Plus my interest was piqued by the trivia that is Diet Coke (regular) is actually New Coke diet, and Coke Zero is classic Coke diet.

So anyway, in a relatively controlled experient, a coworker and I who both had feedback in this first incident tried again. We ate the same exact lunch as several other coworkers to ensure that it would not be related to food. I ate the exact same stuff I normally eat and we both downed a 20oz Coke Zero.

My coworker experience almost immediate trouble. I thought I might have been in the clear, but the next morning I dealt with almost an exact reaction as the last time way back in June. Ruined my whole morning -- I almost had to call in Coke-Zero!

Why haven't more people noticed this? Why isn't this a bigger deal?

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