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golf bachelor weekend recap

Just a couple of points to recap my friend Jared’s bachelor party weekend.

  • You can demo/rent golf clubs from New York Golf Center on 35th between Broadway and 7th Ave, they gave me a really nice set of Ping G5s, $50 for three days. I’m in the market for clubs and I’m going straight for a good set, no starter business for me. My American Express points are worth either a set of irons or a set of woods, but not both. The first set of clubs I played with were my grandfather’s Pings and that combined with good marketing mean that I’m not going to buy any other brand of iron, but they offer a number of different lines that I still need to choose from.
  • Limo rides over twenty minutes in length are a mistake if you suffer from car sickness. The privacy screen goes up, you can’t see the road and worse you could be sitting sideways or backwards. Our three and a half hour trip to the Connecticut woods from the city was pretty much a constant struggle to avoid vomiting.
  • At the Mohegan Sun casino
    Jared: See <name withheld>? That’s a $500 chip he’s got; he’s gonna lose that.
    Corey: Oh yeah, on what game, blackjack, craps?
    Jared: No, no. I mean he’s just going to lose it.
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