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Remember the whole episode when Sinead O'Connor tore up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live? During the performance you can tell watching it now she knew more or less there was a shit-storm ahead of her. She performed the Bob Marley cover War acapella and she's clearly nervous, breathing heavily throughout. But the thing is there are moments of greatness in the performance. And better yet, there is a low-bitrate copy out on the net of the rehearsal version that captures a better, more relaxed Sinead. It remains one of my favorite one-off songs. Here's the video of the live performance on YouTube: 

I was delighted to find that she released a whole album last year of reggae covers called Throw Down Your Arms. It seems that she did it pretty authentically, using Sly and Robbie as producers, recording in Jamaica and using local musicians. The thing is really nice to listen to, breezy, great for multiple listenings. I am generally a big dancehall and reggae fan, but I haven't really been turned on by anything new in a long time.

The new Gnarls Barkely album has sparked a resurgence in my day to day listening of alternative-indie stuff (is that a real category?). This week I've got the new DJ Shadow, new Outkast, Herbert (Matthew)'s Scale, TV on the Radio, Mylo, and Lady Sovereign going in my headphones.

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