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100% walkable


Notches has a handshake agreement for some shared office space in SOHO! I'm very excited.

I wanted to get a sense for what's around there, and I used a nice mashup from which builds an index for any address that computes a value for how walkable the area is. And while it makes me feel great that we got a 100 for the new corporate headquarters, I get a 100 at my home address too, and most of the other Manhattan addresses I tried. This makes sense since no-place in America can match Manhattan for walkability, but it would be nice to see how the different neighborhoods related on this scale.


And I'm looking to get some new development workstations. I'm toying with building instead of buying (using Ars Technica's latest Hot Rod as a base). I need for businesses -- we'd want a business line of credit -- does anyone have any suggestions? Tags: ,
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