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welcome to America, the only industrialized country in the world without nationalized healthcare

imageI blogged my medical fiasco this past summer race report good then real bad and since I'm a pre-money startup guy, I have no health insurance.

I was dreading the bill for an ambulance ride and ER visit, but was actually somewhat relieved when I got the bills.

  • Ambulance ride - $626
  • St Vincent's hospital - $438

St Vincent's was originally $1,250 or nearabouts and had a "self-pay" adjustment.

Fine, it sucked big-time, but they let you put this stuff on credit cards and I kicked that can down the road. I grumbled a bit, but moved on.

Nearly three months go by and I get *another bill*.

  • Emergency Medical Association of NY - $445

Apparently the first bill is just for the use of the hospital facilities. The doctors bill you completely separately. W-T-F.

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