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Team URDB hanging backstage at @latenightjimmy


It seems unlikely that if you read my blog you didn't realize everything that is going on these days with URDB, but just in case you didn't hear, we were on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon again on Friday. You can view the segment here:

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mediamonkey First it was Winamp. It served me well from the very first versions circa 1997 or so up until about 2003.

Then it was iTunes. I bought my first iPod and back then you were definitely locked in. Eventually, around version 7, things went downhill performance-wise and I had to jump ship yet again.

Then Songbird went 1.0 and I figured I should give it a shot. While promising, the performance for large libraries is still very poor.

I kept hearing that MediaMonkey was stellar in the performance department so, desperate, I’m giving it a go. The interface is not exactly elegant, but I can attest that the responsiveness and memory footprint (~62MB) is excellent. So far, so good. WAF is my biggest hurdle.

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