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ski trip highlights

best of trip: ben

That’s Ben, that’s a steep field of pure virgin snow behind him. We skied this same bowl all day long. There was a medium hike up to it, but a nasty, long traverse on the way out that kept the un-hearty and snowboarders out (not that I have a problem with snowboarders, I’m one myself 50% of the time). This was the North Country area of Crystal Mountain in Washington State.

This place has just been receiving dump-truck loads of snow. 117” of accumulation at the summit. You know you are in for a good day when there is a “deep snow warning.” The biggest danger in these conditions is falling into a tree-well and not making it out, so you have to keep your ski buddies in sight.

I’ll skip the long oratory in favor of a link to the Flickr photo set here.

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older is different in tuscany

Alena_Seredova_e_Flavio_Briatore_2Since I’ve been working during the days here in Florence, I haven’t had the chance to see a whole lot yet, but I did notice a couple of things.

There aren’t many homeless people on the streets, but I did notice one on my way into the office today and while clearly down and out, he had dangling from his perma-dirty-hand a bottle of red wine. No Thunderbird or Mad Dog here.

Another thing that stands out to me is how much cooler old people are here than in the US. They are substantially more fashionable, they are out riding bicycles and scooters, it’s great. It goes some of the way to making sense of Flavio Briattore, a 55 yr old F1 team manager who is the father of Heidi Klum’s child. The pic to the right is not Heidi, rather another model he date(d?)(s?).

It proves that growing older does not necessarily require nurse-shoes, house coats, padded toilet seats, and immobility.

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this grass is really green

Just as the day was ending, filled with extolments about Florence and Italy, the band at one of the cafes outside our window began to play a spirited "New York, New York."

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at least it is a wet heat


Leaving Monday for Hong Kong, coming back after ten days. Emily is coming and bringing the full compliment of camera gear so expect pictures.

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down south photo essay


Was on a tour of the South this weekend. Visited Greer South Carolina, bought some fireworks and went to the dirt track stock car races in middle Georgia.


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golf in the third world

IMG_5527 (Small)

I managed to squeeze two days of golf into this India trip at the Delhi Golf Club.

The best part are the caddies. There were five for our threesome. Our host had two caddies, one to help him with his game + give him pointers and one to carry his bag; I had my Yankee cap wearing caddy; Kirk (next to me in pic) had his caddy, the muslim in his red winter sweater-vest; Plus the agi-walla (no idea on the spelling there), the fore-caddy, basically he goes down the hole and finds your ball in the woods.

Now I have not been playing good golf lately. I had a really nasty slice that I’m making slow progress eliminating. There were several occasions throughout the round where a ball that looked to be easily 10–15 yards into the woods miraculously appeared in the fringe rough when we arrived on the scene. Our host made a comment about occasional caddy finesse applied to errant balls.

I managed not to kill any wild peacocks which were running rampant or knock over a 500 year old ruin which were scattered around the course.  

The whole experience was great and I’m definitely going to think about going caddy instead of cart next time I head out on the links.

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india rx

Doxy-A-capsule100MGMy allergies are absolutely killing me on this trip. I powered through my Allegra supply the first week, leaving me high and dry in the anti-histamine department. I couldn’t take it anymore and asked our driver to take me to a pharmacy. There is a distinct lack of big western type stores in India, even in Delhi, the capital, where we are. The driver took us to a local spot, the type of place he would go. Everything was behind the counter and you had to tell the guys what you wanted. Fortunately my needs were relatively easy to describe in basic English and didn’t require making a “fire in ass pointing maneuver” or anything embarrassing like that. I just described what I needed and this is what they picked out:

  • 12 tablets cetirizine hydrochloride aka Zyrtec
  • 6 Vicks cough drops
  • one month supply malaria pills, Doxyclycline
  • some unknown eczema cream
  • package cashew cookies

The bill was handwritten for 150 rupees or roughly $3.40 US. In India, you're not gonna pay a lot for those drugs.

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prawns, shrimp or scampi?

Prawns, shrimp or scampi?

They use the word “prawns” here almost exclusively, and cutely say “shrimps” when one of us Americans looks at them funny at the utterance of prawn something.

For those of you too lazy to follow the link: shrimp=prawn except for some people only use prawn for medium to large size shrimp.

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hong konger

SClass1 (Small)

Back in Hong Kong.

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hong kong recap – last one for a while

 You can buy extremely real looking plastic BB pistols in toy stores there.

 We went go-karting in Macau. They went all out in the bathroom. This is a picture of the sink. The shifter lever on the right turns the water on. There's also a race-car urinal pic if you are really interested.

 Our hosts took us to the horse track. I didn't win a damn thing, but I had an excellent time. My boss's father was a horse trainer and he grew up around horses - he picked the winner 3-of-4 times.

 They had an F1 car at the airport. It looks very real, but it is a model.

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