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The Tag Heuer Professional Golf Watch.

The deal was that Tag was paying Tiger all these millions to be their shill and he wasn’t wearing a watch while playing, which was when most of his camera time occurred.

So they worked with him to develop a special “golf watch”. It has a rubber band, and an integrated clasp in the face so it is more comfortable, weighs less than 55 grams. And the crown is at 9 o’clock as to be more comfortable with your wrist cocked back during the golf swing.

I checked with my normal watch dealer and they hadn’t even heard of it. This one on Ebay is from Dubai and bidding is at a reasonable $1450.

I want one. I had a very clear picture of what I wanted for my “second watch” and this fits that bill perfectly.

Update: Tourneau in New York has them for $1295. I just tried it on. Very tempting. I hate the whole limited edition thing. Too much pressure!



  1. Previous comment refers to the time I left my old Tag watch in the gym locker and it was stolen. Nothing else was taken — the perp watched me (not a pun) take it off and put it in my pants pocket.

    I’m still bitter about it.

  2. I’m bitter that I went through all that trouble to steal a fake Tag. Stop wearing knock-offs and buy a real one next time.

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