more embarrassment for snl

I’m just now watching last night’s Saturday Night Live.

Eminem is performing. And it happened again! Caught with the mic around his waist when the track clearly has Em’s voice going.

Also I watched it carefully and while you can clearly tell he is working hard to read the lyrics off the teleprompter, I’m ok with that because it is a very long song, but he is way off the pre-recorded track at many points throughout the song.

I suppose it is one of those things that “all the artists do” and they are afraid to sound real which for the most part sounds bad.


where’s the feedback

About eight years ago my college friend Colleen asked to speak to me, took me out to a public park and proceeded to tell me what I needed to hear. She laid out a clear case for me being a jackass. It was an extremely caring and loving thing to do. I remember retorting just a couple of points, but overall of course she was right and I knew it. I like to think I’m a better person today for it. Thank you.

Now I think it is time again. Maybe it is the constant barrage of reality fix me up shows on the TV (MTV Made, Queer Eye, etc), but I always think about how great it would be to have some honest feedback for a change. I don’t really get any direct feedback on anything these days and whatever subtle feedback I get I must not be reading properly.

So have at it and be specific! I can take it.

You can use the feedback here directly, but I do get to see your IP address which does narrow things down a little but just to be safe use this URL which will render you anonymous. 


one more henderson

Congratulations to my little brother Kevin and his wife Julia on the birth of their first child.


jack o lanterns would be underappreciated in my apartment stairwell

From Gizmodo.

dremel_punkin.jpg image

It’s an idea so obvious that it’s probably been around for years and I’ve just missed it. Dremel, makers of the “Tool Most Likely To Destroy Something That Was Working Fine Already,” is selling a translucent orange pumpkin carving kit, with templates and tools to carve your own intricate designs. It looks like it’s available at Lowes and other hardware stores, although you can try to order online if you want (it’s a little late now, isn’t it?)

If you can find them, they look to be about $20 for the whole kit.

Product Page [Dremel]


this might be reaching just a little bit

From ReallySmallTalk and Dan Kennedy.


At first, Ashlee Simpson’s lip-synch gaffe on Saturday Night Live this weekend made me cynical. I thought of all the forty and fifty year-old men handling this poor girl’s career and almost certainly not trusting her to sing on live TV. The suits that pressure a girl into not singing her own (Okay, her writer-producer’s own) songs. In March of this year, I finished sitting through eighteen months of marketing meetings as part of my job at a major record label and I learned just how much of that kind of thing goes on. So, my first reaction to watching Ashlee Simpson stand on the SNL stage confused about how to react to the fact that her voice was singing loudly through the PA speakers — even though she clearly hadn’t sung a note yet and was holding the mic down by her thigh, and even though her band was playing the second song as planned, not the first one that was being sung by the phantom Ashlee in the PA system — was slackjawed confirmation of everything we all know goes down. And that feeling very quickly faded to cynical thoughts about the dinosaurs running her career and how much money they make on the likes of her, and how they make her dress a certain way, hire people to teach her how to look at a lens the right way, how to say the right thing, how to sign a CD correctly, which executive hands to shake and which live songs to fake instead of play. But then I started feeling a renewed sense of optimism. Think about this: The last time a live lip-synch snafu happened on this scale it was Milli Vanilli. And what did we find just around the corner? Nirvana knocking Michael Jackson and Warrant off the charts, and George Bush voted out of the White House in favor of a Democrat who would serve two terms. Ashlee Simpson’s performance on SNL has filled me with hope. And that’s all she ever set out to do.

I have to admit he draws an interesting parallel. I don’t think we appreciate often enough how much of turning point Milli Vanilli/Nirvana & Bush I/Clinton really was. Think about the state of music before Nirvana – Winger, Poison, Slaughter on and on.

On we on the cusp of another inflection point in America? Go Kerry! (and go Sox!)


hong kong recap – last one for a while

 You can buy extremely real looking plastic BB pistols in toy stores there.

 We went go-karting in Macau. They went all out in the bathroom. This is a picture of the sink. The shifter lever on the right turns the water on. There’s also a race-car urinal pic if you are really interested.

 Our hosts took us to the horse track. I didn’t win a damn thing, but I had an excellent time. My boss’s father was a horse trainer and he grew up around horses – he picked the winner 3-of-4 times.

 They had an F1 car at the airport. It looks very real, but it is a model.


do you take so and so …

Weekend recap:

  • Went to a wedding in Massachusetts. The priest brought up the Red Sox no fewer than three different times.
  • I got to watch game one of the Red Sox world series in a local bar in Springfield Mass.
  • An extremely unfortunate combination of jet-lag and alcohol = waking up at 6am completely hung over and not being able to properly sleep it off. bummer.