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I ran my nine NYRR races in 2007 to qualify for an automatic spot in this year’s marathon. I plunked down my money already; no backing out now.

My number one priority training wise between now and then? Staying injury free. If I do that I’ve got a solid chance of qualifying for Boston and maybe even a bit more.



I got impatient. Microsoft announced SP1 of Vista and I couldn’t wait for it to trickle out onto MSDN. I installed SP1 on my three main machines.

  • It seemed to dramatically reduce HDD chugging on my laptops, especially on startup. This was a big deal for me.
  • My Toshiba M200 power management problem is still there, but thanks to bullet #1 it is easier to recovery from. (Every other time the computer sleeps, the LCD won’t come back on)
  • My custom desktop was rock solid before and it is rock solid now. No change noticed.
  • When using remote desktop to get to the “console” session you can’t use /console anymore. You have to use /admin. There’s a post here that explains why.

I don’t really recommend anyone else go out and install it until the general release exactly, but I’m 3-for-3, all I’m sayin’. Tags: ,,



I haven’t done a completely exhaustive search on this, but I did try maybe three different options. And I found that BareTail for Windows is the winning tail tool.

Tail is a classic unix tool that allows you to monitor a text file, typically log files, in real time. Normally if you just open a log in notepad it won’t update itself, so you have to close it, open it, over and over.

There are some direct tail command line ports for Windows, but as is our Windows custom, we want a “rich” GUI version instead.

This one has colored highlighting as an option, plus tabs and some other nice features. It comes as a free version with a nag screen selling more powerful versions. Tags: ,,

ps. We need this because doing Facebook app development is like Japanese Binocular Soccer