review: stars @ bowery ballroom


Photo courtesy Emily Wilson Photography But I did the Photoshopping! – There used to be a big no parking sign above them on the right.

Went and saw the Stars last night at Bowery Ballroom.

I was a little hesitant going in because their album, while very good, doesn’t scream out great-live-show material. Well, that turned out to be totally false. They were terrific live. Very high energy, tight technically, two guitars and a sax that didn’t step on each other’s toes (which is so rare), but the real key was the bass and drumming — kept everything moving swiftly. I’m going to listen to their album at twice the volume I used to.

I couldn’t quite place how I was feeling about the singer’s on-stage persona, I was chalking it up to a French-Canadian thing — the band is mostly from Montreal — but when I was Googling them this morning it became clear. The lead singer (with the red scarf) is an actor, with an IMDB page complete with Sex and the City appearance. He was acting like an indie rock band singer. Go see them when you can, antics aside, the show is must-see.

iTunes link to Set Yourself on Fire 



I have a minor fascination with Spederline aka Mr. Britney Spears aka K-Fed aka Kevin Federline.



via Cityrag – “and he’s all yours…chug, puff, scratch, that’s all he’s got.”


gran prix du canada

GP_fond2_800I was just online trying to get my flight reservations for the F1 Grand Prix of Canada, but I needed to look up the dates. June 12, 2005

Check out the giant flash image you get when you go to the official site.

How French-Canadian of them to superimpose a Ferrari race car over two naked people?

There’s another version of the wallpaper with just the woman’s back if you really dig the genre: direct link

I cannot conjure the word superimpose without thinking of that Adam Sandler CD thing with the Goat playing football. I can’t find the transcript via Google, but Amazon has a audio snippet (Windows Media)


to-list prioritization


Does anyone else read into the order in which names are listed in a to: line?

Was I last on purpose, just on the border of being left on/left off?

Do people massage their own to lists to send particular signals of importance?

And btw: Don’t buy Coors Beer apparently.



Sunday I traveled to McCarren Park in Greenpoint/Williamsburg Brooklyn to watch a game of Brooklyn bar-league softball. The men and women of Turkey’s Nest taking on the Pete’s Candy Store crew.

As I stood trying to stay warm during the cloudy sky breaks I overheard some player conversation behind me.

Softball guy #1: “____ has good traction and the wheels are super-sweet.”
Softball guy #2: “yeah, but I think that ____ has a better turning radius”
…. some time passes
Softball guy #3: “I wish the ___ wasn’t so expensive, because that piece is nice yo”
Softball guy #1: “Stokke’s are really great, I’ve got a Techno XT.”

I assumed car-talk. It took a while for me to actually hear the brands that were being mentioned. For those who are unaware Stokke is the name of an $800 stroller and the Techno XT is a model of Maclaren stroller. Also see HollieG’s Stokke post and this article about parenting in Williamsburg.

A related funny-tee-hee was one of the players showed up to the game with one of those front-mounted baby backbacks with his <1 year old in it. He was telling us how he had been thinking a lot about what he would do if he needed to throw down and get into a street fight with somebody. That, and a “fucking grow up and say something already!”


tray overload

I suspect I’m only a high-average when it comes to tray overload. I actively try to keep my tray svelte, but I mean, when is enough enough?

Tray overload