Every app I have open right now.

Feel free to join this meme I just started.

OS: Windows 7 x64 Professional


  1. Google Chrome Beta Channel.
  2. Pale Moon – a 64 bit fork of Firefox that I use for testing pages in a plugin free environment.
  3. Console2 w/ regular CMD, Visual Studio CMD, and Powershell and mostly dealing with Git
  4. Git Extensions because certain Git functions are easier with a GUI
  5. Outlook 2010 x64
  6. Beyond Compare – used for doing diffs both in Git and
  7. Sciral Consistency – a todo list specifically for recurring tasks
  8. ResophNotes – a Windows client for Simplenote
  9. Pomodairo – a Pomodoro timer for Air
  10. Cloudberry Explorer for OpenStack – what I use to upload files to our CDN
  11. SQL Server Management Studio
  12. Visual Studio 2010
  13. Xenu – a hysterically old and quirky link checker tool
  14. Remote Desktop Client – logged into home and one of our local servers
  15. Terminals – another RDP client that I use to connect to our cloud servers
  16. VirtualBox – I have a working Mac, Windows 8 and CentOS image standing by for testing/playing/learning.
  17. Live Mesh – what I use instead of Dropbox
  18. Spotify – it rules
  19. Tweetdeck
  20. Hipchat
  21. Hamachi VPN Client
  22. Digsby – my IM client
  23. FluffyApp
  24. RescueTime
  25. Social Folders – Downloads my photos from FB and stuff automatically
  26. MySpeed – lets me watch any flash video in whatever speed I want. I watch 90% of Youtube videos at 1.4x speed
  27. PureText – let’s me hit Windows+V to do “paste as plain text” in any app.
  28. Windows Live Writer – in which I am authoring this post.