MS Installer Cleanup breaks Office 2007

This post is strictly for the great search index in the sky.

If you install the MS Installer Cleanup tool, perhaps on the recommendation of Adobe for CS3 installation issues as I did you will break MS office. The error you’ll get is “Microsoft [Word] is not installed correctly for the current user.” As far as I can tell there is no way to fix it manually. I ran the Vista System Restore tool for the very first time ever and it worked.

Also, the Photoshop problem I was having was that all CS3 apps would just start and either hang or no UI would show up. I had to download this Licensing patch from Adobe: 

I was able to find a ton of posts in forums and usenet that described the exact problem I mentioned, but no solutions, nobody ever goes back and says “for the record, here’s what I did”. So I’m doing that now.





I was duly impressed by the efforts of the amputee runner in Saturday’s Long Island Greenbelt 50k, but I didn’t realize that in the process she set the world record for an amputee runner. She also owns the road marathon record with a stunning 3:05 time. Amazing stuff & congratulations to Amy Palmiero-Winters.


Ultra Marathon Recap

_MG_4041-1 Kilometers: 50
Miles: 31.07
Participants: 59
Time: 5:35:14 or so (they still haven’t posted the official results)
Overall Place: 11
Overall Male: 10 (The woman that won is a famous ultra runner)
Powerbar Gels consumed: 6
Electrolyte pills: 5
Dixie cups of warm, flat Pepsi: 9
Ounces of Gatorade: 100+
Injuries resulting in blood drawn: 0
Times lost on course: 10

I ran the Long Island Greenbelt 50k trail race yesterday.

It was my longest race to date (previous was 18M) and my first trail race. Path-finding was a major challenge and one that I did not fully anticipate. I got lost a whole bunch of times, but fortunately never for very far or long. The biggest physical challenge was the steep downhill sections. Even though I had limited time training on trails, I had prepared to go up hills well enough to cover the day, but I neglected to train specifically to go down steep inclines and by half way my quadriceps were crying uncle and I was forced to pick my way down hills slowly and often times by grabbing trees to slow my descent. The whole vibe was completely different from a road race, nearly everyone you passed along the way (it was a double out-and-back course) would say things like “looking great!” or “awesome job!”.

Since so much of it was a new experience, I’m thrilled to have learned as much as I did and finished with no major catastrophes along the way.

UPDATE: official results posted