Sunday I traveled to McCarren Park in Greenpoint/Williamsburg Brooklyn to watch a game of Brooklyn bar-league softball. The men and women of Turkey’s Nest taking on the Pete’s Candy Store crew.

As I stood trying to stay warm during the cloudy sky breaks I overheard some player conversation behind me.

Softball guy #1: “____ has good traction and the wheels are super-sweet.”
Softball guy #2: “yeah, but I think that ____ has a better turning radius”
…. some time passes
Softball guy #3: “I wish the ___ wasn’t so expensive, because that piece is nice yo”
Softball guy #1: “Stokke’s are really great, I’ve got a Techno XT.”

I assumed car-talk. It took a while for me to actually hear the brands that were being mentioned. For those who are unaware Stokke is the name of an $800 stroller and the Techno XT is a model of Maclaren stroller. Also see HollieG’s Stokke post and this article about parenting in Williamsburg.

A related funny-tee-hee was one of the players showed up to the game with one of those front-mounted baby backbacks with his <1 year old in it. He was telling us how he had been thinking a lot about what he would do if he needed to throw down and get into a street fight with somebody. That, and a “fucking grow up and say something already!”


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