pop? seriously, pop?

Behold a fantastic soda vs pop infographic/map

When I was a kid in Southern California we called carbonated soft drinks “coke” in the generic sense. I wasn’t introduced to “soda” until I moved to Manhattan in 1985.

It looks like California has been slowly working in “soda” but not to the near 100% penetration of the North-East.

Does anyone know what they use in the “other” sections of Virginia and North Carolina?

[via MetaFilter]



  1. The integrity of this map is highly questionable… there would be lots of ‘other’ patches throughout new england where they say tonic.

  2. If you go into the site and drill down they have some other graphs which show "tonic" in and around Boston. Apparently that’s a snobby term and it looks like they were asking young people mostly. if you drill down into the other column you get a lot of silly things that indicate teenagers are responding.

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