Plaxo is a friend of a friend type contact management system. Essentially everybody that downloads plaxo and signs in (it’s free) becomes connected and gets automatic updates anytime anyone updates their contact info.

Plaxo 1.0 has always had the side benefit of syncing contact lists between systems.

This was all working great for me and everyone should join plaxo just for the contact management, but Plaxo 2.0 has filled the final piece of one of my techno-puzzles.

I’ve got Outlook at work, Outlook at home and a Motorola MP200 MS Smartphone.

Using Exchange 2003 I can synchronize my phone to the home calendar, email, contacts all over the air and bi-directionally.

All good except my home calendar doesn’t have much on it so syncing to the phone doesn’t deliver much value. Plaxo 2.0 now has added calendar, tasks and notes to their synchronization features. Which means I have total synchronization between home, work and mobile phone. I can even set my phone to “automatic” ringer mode which, since it knows if I have a meeting scheduled, will change the ringer to vibrate only if the time is blocked off in my calendar. Sweet.



  1. I should point out that foaf stands for Friend Of A Friend and it is a term that generally applies to things like friendster, linked in, tribe, plaxo etc.

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