ivan drago

I can’t seem to consistently workout unless I measure it obsessively. (Russian in Rocky V style)

A key instrument is the heart rate monitor. I wear mine everytime I run or bike. The older model Polar served me well for a solid four years now, but last week it finally gave way – either that or my heart rate is indeed 224 bpm. Now the search is on for a replacement/upgrade.

Polar has an array of options (ahem ahem), many with uplinks to the computer for analysis. I’ve been toying with the idea of making my workout information public here on coreyh.com as a incentive device. If I knew that everyone could see the gaps in my workout I’d be less likely to talk myself out of it.

I haven’t gotten to this level yet, but only because I think some of the stuff he carries around is too heavy: Flashenabled.com/run



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