BBC’s The Office is a great show, but it can be tough to follow some of the dialog as an American. The BBC has a bunch of videos up of Ricky Gervais explaining a bunch of English lingo for us.

Video Clip Bender Video Clip Blue Peter Video Clip Buckaroo Video Clip Bunse Video Clip Cheeky Video Clip C.V. Video Clip Divv Kid Video Clip Dixon of Dock Green Video Clip Doodling Video Clip Formula One Video Clip Duncan Goodhew Video Clip Howard Jones Video Clip Hob-Nob Video Clip Knackered Video Clip Mac Video Clip Minge Video Clip Mother’s Meeting Video Clip Orienteering and T.A.s Video Clip Peter Purves Video Clip Red Nose Day Video Clip Scotch Egg Video Clip Slapper Video Clip Yates [all in Real format]



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