virgin atlantic

Our travel department booked me on Virgin Air from Hong Kong to London against my original instruction for an American Airline milage partner. I’m half glad they did.

The 777 is a great plane – quiet and smooth. They have the new super sleeper cabin on this particular flight. Each seat is its own little cocoon with all the accoutriments. There are three rows of seats facing diagnally. I haven’t figured out what all these buttons are for yet.

To convert to full sleep mode you have to get up and out of the seat, hit a special button and the seat folds down to reveal a 100% flat bed. The flight attendent brings over sheets and a duvet and practically tucks you in.

Maybe best of all a very hot flight attendent (think Kate Beckinsale at 35 (who’s 30 now)) came by to ask if I would like an in-flight massage and which treatment I wanted. Unfortunately my quest for continued sleep and my discomfort at receiving services from good looking women meant that I passed. 

While not quite Austin Powers level there is a full-on bar with stools and everything at the back of the first class cabin. I like how business and first class are merged into a singular “Upper Class”.


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