jello became pudding

Mid last week I got a blind evite from my friend Marc. The title was “Jello Wrestling Extravaganza” and had 250 on the invite list. I didn’t recognise the names of the hosts or 99% of the invites. Here was the evite text: 

Celebrate [edited]’s birthdays with a slippery romp in the wrestling ring. And even if you don’t feel like getting sticky and copping cheap feels, simply come to enjoy the cheap beer, fabulous DJs and overall debauchery. Prizes will be awarded to the wrestlers with the most original smackdown skills and outrageous attire. Wrestlers will also be rewarded with a hot and steamy post-match spray-down in Pash’s group shower. Bring your hot friends, your hot bod and your hard liquor!

NOTE: This is not some sleazy sorority girl thing with airheads wrestling in lingerie. This is serious. This is hardcore. This all about the drama, the fashion, the sport.

Direx: Take the L train to Brooklyn. Get off at the Graham Avenue stop. ..[edited].. You’ll see a large factory building on the left–that’s the place.

I managed to get a few details from Marc before the event and it turns out he knows the hosts through his girlfriend and that the jello order was bungled somehow and they are making a last-minute substitution with chocolate pudding (and some peanut oil for extra lubrication).

The journey to Brooklyn always takes longer than you think it should.

The party is wall to wall hipsters of varying degrees of authenticity. We make it past the first room and then the wall of chocolate pudding stench hits. Sure enough they managed to build a 6′ x 6′ ring filled with pudding. The walls were covered in paper as “protection”. We had arrived late enough that virtually every surface had splatterings. There were a couple of female wrestlers walking outside of the ring, but we had missed the main events and were witnessing the unscheduled matchups (all guys) by this point. We tried to schedule the walk through the event room between rounds but you could not escape being pelted by a small amount of chocolate. The intense crowd and intense heat inside meant that we were quick to leave, but nevertheless I experienced an honest to goodness pudding wrestling party.


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