no limit hold ’em for smartphone

Even though I am teased for having a fancy phone that has trouble making calls and staying connected, the functionality is still quite nice.

Witness – No Limit Texas Hold ’em for SmartPhone.

I’ve got it installed and have been playing. The players are randomly assigned playing styles, loose, tight, etc. There isn’t nearly as much psychological play as in real poker, but it definitely helps hone the statistical aspect of the game.

I kindof wish you could see the other player’s faces. As it stands I can’t remember which ones are playing tight or loose.


Hey this reminds me. When we played real poker this past weekend I suggested that we play on a computer, but with real chips and money. Of course everyone thought that was a stupid idea, but the speed of play was just way to slow. We could have fit two or three tournaments in the same time it took to play one.

My family used to do the same thing with Monopoly way back in the day. You could actually finish the game, because it was able to quickly move your pieces and count money.


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