pink is more than just a color

I ran in the Susan Korman breast cancer race this morning.

My initial goal of being the quickest finisher from my company was pretty well dashed when I showed up to find a lean, 6’2″ employee from Africa who insisted on being at the extreme front of the start and when asked replied “oh yes, I’m fast.”

5k isn’t that far. There is so much going on you really don’t have a lot of time to settle into a pace or allow nagging pains to slow you too much. Around 400 meters from the finish I spotted the ringer ahead. Throwing elbows trying to get around the survivors, who got a two minute head start btw, I managed to pass my competition and finish ten seconds ahead. A time of 23:30 or so. And here’s the humbling part – the world record in the 5000 meters is 13:05.

Title explanation: The slogan on our team t-shirts.



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