auto-correct for MSN IM

Years and years of heavy reliance on MS Word’s auto-correct and red squiggly spell-check means any time I type anything that doesn’t get fixed for me I blame it on the program.

I dug this up today. I use MSN Messenger Plus! a MSN add-in that adds a whole bunch of extra features to the regular MSN client. One feature is word filtering. The main intent is so your foul mouthed friend’s rants can be set to show up as “<f-word>”, etc. Well somebody had a good idea, took Microsoft Word’s auto-correct list and turned it into a registry file to import the list into the program. So now whenever I invariably spell common words incorrectly it will be changed auto-magically.

 “Before”=”abscence” “After”=”absence” 

 “Before”=”accesories” “After”=”accessories” 

 “Before”=”accidant” “After”=”accident”

 “Before”=”becuase” “After”=”because”

Here’s the forums posting describing the hack: [Forum post link]

NOTE: If you install Messenger Plus!, read the installation screens carefully and refuse to install the “sponsor” program – it is spyware. At least the author gives you the option to opt-out. It is otherwise a nice program.


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