outliving hendrix

I am a long-time Hendrix fan. Listening to his final show today I noticed that his between song banter was strange and somehow childish. Then I looked it up – Hendrix was 27 when he died.

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  1. Corey, did I tell you that I ended up buying a bunch of old stereo equipment from Ed Chalpin the first producer of Hendrix? I am re-building a 1964 vintage set of equipment that came from the studio that Jimi recorded at. I doubt if any of it was actually used by the man, but I am sure some of the demo tapes he made were first played on the rigs.



  2. Of course he was only 27! Remember, its all part of the ‘Club’. Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison, and later Kurt Kobain. All dead at 27 from drug-related problems.

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