“seriously, this clip is amazing”

[01:55:34 PM] Vinod: http://www.saunalahti.fi/jwikholm/apache.mpg
[01:56:16 PM] Corey: awesome
[01:58:13 PM] Corey: I think the drummer is my fav
[01:58:24 PM] Vinod: the teepee is brilliant

[02:16:26 PM] Vinod: i’m in tears
[02:16:36 PM] Corey: apache?
[02:16:46 PM] Vinod: yes
[02:18:33 PM] * Vinod is now Busy
[03:06:36 PM] Vinod: i’m in tears again
[03:06:38 PM] Vinod: so funny
[04:16:23 PM] Vinod: seriously, this clip is amazing

Note the time span.



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