FreeboardNow I know this is the wrong time of year for this for my cold-winter readers, but gift season is here.

Freeboard: It is a skateboard with central pivot wheels in the middle which act like the smooth base of a snowboard allowing snowboard like sliding for speed control to skateboarding. It requires some lightweight bindings too.

Freeboard_85_deck_bindings%20copyThe website has some amazing videos of dudes cruising down hills on these things — and I mean fast — but since you can slide like a snowboard (sortof hockey-stop) style you are able to control the speed better than the typical skateboard “jump off and hope to land in such a way as to hope to only break something minor”.

There are some hills in Central Park that this would be good on, but how do you get back up to the top? Walking would get old real fast. I suggest a rope-tow on the N 110th street section of the loop.

[I re-found it today on Metafilter, but seen originally on Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting]



  1. Yes, the ride would get fun where the loop starts the decline in the 80s on the east side. The uphill on the other side is the place of many an embarrasing afternoon where female columbia undergrads have sped by me on roller blades as I huffed and puffed my way up the incline.

  2. Dude these things are sweet! I have one and would definitely reccomend getting one I can carve no matter whether there is snow on the mountain or not. I would say get the x80 or x85 because I have the x75 and I am 6′ 1” and it is a little bit too slow for me. But either way it is pretty ill.

  3. I have one that is brand new if you would like to buy it. I assembled it rode it a few times in my slightly sloped driveway and have stored it ever since. I do not live in the valley of the hills.

  4. diffently worth the $149 man its hella bad ass as long as you have big hills and love snowboarding. if you want to see it in action go to it bad ass

  5. Just bought a freeboard. I’m proud of me. I feel like I’m on a hover board in Back to the Future. Again, I’m proud I make the right decisions in life.

  6. hey kids would you like to come skate at my neverland ranch there is endless hills and much more fun.

  7. everyone. you must buy a freebord. there is no limit. ive been riding for 3 years. as long as you have some nice chedda hills you will love this thing. if there is any questions i will help. i am the godfather of freebording.


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