holy captain hoof?

Long ago I had a popular post about CaptainHoof/Rance. It is a supposed celebrity writing the blog and generated a blip of interest for a while there. I kept my RSS subscription, but haven’t really been reading or thinking about it since.

Then out of nowhere I get this email today: Rance a Hoax No, a Stalker Yes.

Here’s just a sampling of the madness.

My name is Victoria (Vicki) Rum, and you need to know the truth about Rance, who he is and what he has done.

[…]I have recently written to the FBI, FCC and DOJ regarding my matter in hopes of getting a response as this affect their departments as well.

[…] I would like to reiterate; these devices are still “active” and never been removed. (Corey: the author claims that GPS tracking devices and cameras are installed in her home and car)

Full email text here.

I really have no idea how to react to this.



  1. i’d like to immediately dismiss, but it doesn’t make sense enough to almost have to be true, i.e., wouldn’t you make up a more coherent story?

  2. I agree that it doesn’t sound plausible, but what is the motivation factor? Why even spend all that time writing a long email and seeking me out to send it. Clearly I have a personal connection to this whole drama (my blog post) so it isn’t like these are just randomly being emailed.

  3. this is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. As to it’s lack of coherency, I think that can be attributed to insanity. You’re expecting an irrational person to make up a rational story. It’s not happening.

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