moose on the loose


After 18 years of going to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine every winter — seeing countless moose crossing signs, moose hats, moose shaped doorknobs and not once seeing a goddamned moose I have finally done it. And I had a camera on me to boot!

We were skiing on Sunday and saw some commotion on the side of the trail, but just assumed somebody had fallen into the woods. Luckily some ski patrol types were on the chair up with us the next time and mentioned how the moose on the loose was the big news at the mountain and that a little girl got majorly freaked out when the moose decided to cross the ski trail while the girl was comin’ right at him.

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t have big old moose horns, but they estimated it is only a two year old moose. Still pretty damn big for two.



  1. If that’s a moose, how come it’s at an angle? The last time I saw a moose was on one of those FOX animal shows and it was dancing on an old man outside a supermarket. How come this one isn’t doing that. Corey Henderson. Needs his own little Roswell, doesn’t he.

  2. The only moose I know (and mind you I wrote a report on Moose in the 6th grade) wears blue turtlenecks. This "moose" does not appear to be wearing any clothing at all, and it seems quite cold outside. P-cha.

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