tegan and sara

TeganandsaraI saw Tegan and Sara last night at the Bowery Ballroom.

Tegan and Sara are musical wonder twins from Canada.

The audience was filled with loads of girl-girl kissing. The trick when this happens to you is to squint your eyes and or only look peripherally and pretend that they are much better looking than the inevitably harsh reality. I have read conflicting reports to whether the girls themselves are gay or not, but I suspect even if they aren’t they don’t actively discourage the idea. Sara told a story on stage about a male “friend” who was there during Christmas dinner that made the audience groan a little.

I like lesbian-favorite, but non-gay (well bi-sexual, but married to a guy) Ani DiFranco also. What can I say? I like girls that rock.



  1. How can any Canadian product be a "wonder"?

    "Pop wonder Bryan Adams"? No.

    It makes no sense. Why would a Wookie live with Ewoks?

  2. amazing vocals!!!

    im in australia and the have just hit our non commercial radio, expecting great things


    song writer


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