As an avid Winxp remote desktop user I thought I knew all the tricks. Need to restart? I thought the best way was cmd…”shutdown -r”. Then yesterday I needed to access the change password dialog from the ctrl-alt-delete menu. Well of course you can’t ctrl-alt-delete in a remote sessions.

CTRL-ALT-END brings up the ctrl-alt-delete menu in a remote desktop session.

[found via Google Groups posting]



  1. How cool is that. I had no idea! Many thanks for that tip — I’ve spent about twenty minutes trying to safely change my admin password on a remote server. You learn something new every day.


  2. i was doing crtl alt delet and my finger sliped and hit the end button this resalted in turning my whole screen on its side so i did it again it turns it on the other side how do i get in normal?
    ps my spelling and grammer sucks so im srry for that.

    pss: im using windows xp

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