prawns, shrimp or scampi?

Prawns, shrimp or scampi?

They use the word “prawns” here almost exclusively, and cutely say “shrimps” when one of us Americans looks at them funny at the utterance of prawn something.

For those of you too lazy to follow the link: shrimp=prawn except for some people only use prawn for medium to large size shrimp.



  1. Shrimp and prawn are not the same. A prawn has shell segments that overlap like roof tiles starting from their back and moving to their tail. In other words, the segment nearer the head of the shrimp always overlays the segment nearer the tail of the shrimp. In a prawn, a segment is either covered by or covers the segments on both ends. Kind of like this —___—___—___.

    Prawns also have pincers on their first three sets of legs while shrimp only have pincers on two.

  2. what about scampi??? have just been emboiled in an argument (in the UK) about what a scampi is – i contest it is NOT a prawn!!!

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