my patented peanut butter technique


Growing up I was never a PB&J lover. I’d eat them at friend’s houses, but never made them part of my routine. Running out of breakfast ideas, I happened to grab one of the pre-made PB&J’s at the deli next to my office. PB&J rediscovered! I’ve been eating them often enough (always for breakfast only) that I decided to buy the stuffs and prepare them at home, you know cooking.


I only use the Smucker’s Natural Chunky. For anyone that’s tried the natural brands you know that when you open the jar there is a thick layer of oil on top. You have to stir it in or else you get impossible-to-eat dry peanut butter, but it can be messy and a pain to do. So I invented a simple system to make it easier. When you bring home the jar from the store, keep it upside down for 24 hours before opening. The oil will float up to the bottom of the jar; flip it over and stirring becomes easy.


Related jelly question: How come you can not find organic/fancy grape jelly? I’ve checked in multiple stores. You can get every other fruit, but not grape. Do they feel it is beneath them? Is there a powerful grape jelly lobby that enables only mass produced grape jelly into the marketplace?



  1. Corey dear, this rings of the infamous "clam chowder" story. (I only wish I could have come up with something this funny, you have your sister to thank for shedding light on "the peanut butter technique") Truth be known, I turned the peanut butter jar upside down all those years you were a munchkin. See, mother does know best. Now, however, I use Smuckers Natural Reduced Fat and it does not separate. It should be refrigerated after opening and when I used to make your waffles with peanut butter, I zapped it slightly in the microwave to soften so it would be easier for you to spread. Women of the world, you can blame his mother for spoiling him so. (hehe)

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