another comedian ruined by parentood

The Sneeze has a series of these going:

Jokes From the Booster Seat II

“It’s time once again to enjoy the comedic stylings of my son. So sit back, relax…”

Q: “What do you get when you cross a sandwich, a person, and a car?”

A: “A flying sandwich pit!”

Segue to this Onion great:

Another Comedian Ruined By Parenthood 
AUSTIN, TX—Ed Corgi, once hailed as one of the area’s funniest and most ribald stand-up comedians, has lapsed into mediocrity due to the 2003 birth of his daughter Grace, a friend reported. “Ed used to get up there and just spit venom against the entire world until the crowd was dying,” fellow comic Rick Haste said. “Last week, I saw him do a bit about grape juice and another about how hard it is to get a stroller in a car trunk. He did swear a lot as he pantomimed folding the stroller, but still.” Corgi’s new sitcom Grape Juice is currently in development at ABC.


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