irq problems, seriously

MaudiodioI’ve got this new hot shit workstation. Things are good. Mostly.

I own a M-Audio Delta DiO 2496 which used to work fine, but when I moved it into this new box it garbles badly when I write data to my terabyte raid 5 array. (I just like saying that, I do have four 250 gig harddrives, but in actuality it is a RAID5 array and it only works out to around 700 gigs usable.) Note: I need coaxial spdif outputs only for this card.

All the reading I’ve done points to an IRQ sharing problem. Can you believe that it is 2005 and I’m troubleshooting IRQs?

I spent too much on this card and the solution of going out and buying another one just isn’t sitting well.

My responses from m-audio so far have all been cut-and-paste jobs out of the help desk manual. update: they just released new drivers for this series of cards. I’ll try that. mumble grumble…


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