new delicious monkey

Someone at work forwarded around this fake BBC article about a lion taking on 42 midgets in Cambodia. MetaFilter mentioned it the other day, pretty funny stuff.

But then another co-worker, Josh, the one that introduced us to the 6 train Celsius system, brought up this:

Sometimes truth and fiction are closer than we think.

Yesterday, the NY Times carried this report of the discovery of a new species of monkey. A New Species of Monkey Found in Africa

And yet they were scooped by The Onion, who just a day earlier, carried this report: New, Delicious Species Discovered

I don’t read the full Onion articles beyond the headlines enough. My favorite quotes:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled!” German researcher Dr. Jerome Keller told reporters Tuesday. “Very few scientists are lucky enough to discover a new species, let alone a mammal with a palatability on par with a tender, juicy steak.”

“This is a seriously tasty creature,” Keller added. …

Keller said the new species boasts a gular sac, a distinctive trait that separates it from other species in the Ateles genus. “The gular sac is a throat pouch that can be inflated, allowing the animal to make loud calls that resonate through the treetops,” Keller said. “More importantly, the pouch can be stuffed with nuts or dried fruits prior to roasting.”


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