virtual pc console


I use Virtual PC and VMWare extensively.

Here’s my work VPC Console.

Most of them are self-explanatory, but here’s a couple more words about them.

  1. Biztalk – Biztalk installations are pretty specialized and you need a whole bunch of software installed and installed in the proper order.
  2. Windows XP Trials – Where I install all the stuff first. I don’t install any little utility on my main workstations. I use these images (I have one at home too) to do all the install tests. I have all kinds of third party tools loaded here. They get messy quick.
  3. Korean XP – I needed to test an application at work under Korean XP builds. Fortunately I’ve built XP machines so many times, I was able to get it all done and not have any clue what the text was.
  4. Longhorn – Next generation windows. This is the last available MSDN build.
  5. Mandrake linux – install was easy, but I can’t get the auto-updater to work with our proxy server and it craps out badly.
  6. PC-BSD – I really like the feel of this distribution, but the app support is really a huge pain.
  7. ubuntu linux – needs these fixes under Virtual PC
  8. Win2003 vpc – similar to #2 except using Windows 2003 Server. SQL 2005 is on here at the moment.
  9. (Not shown) Gentoo linux – I actually have this image stored on another workstation and I do emerge -u world compiles monthly on that (since they can take as much as 48 hours to complete), but if I want to use X windows I open the image over the network directly and work that way. Strangely enough it works reasonably well this way.

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