steven keaton would be pissed

Slate’s Today’s Papers from the other day:

As the Post fronts, the House Appropriations Committee proposed hitting the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with a 25 percent cut next year and the elimination of all federal funding in two years.

The very first thought that came into my head, was Family Ties and how mad the dad would be. It might have even qualified for “a very special episode” or a Jump-the-shark move the family to LA where they opened up a Video Store or something.

Tangentially here are the top JTS moments for Family Ties:

Birth (Andrew) 50
Mallory’s boyfriend Nick joins the cast 21
Puberty (Jennifer) 21
Death (Alex’s friend) 18
A Very Special…(Tom Hanks as the drunk uncle) 9
Ellen goes to Paris 7
Too much Skippy! 5
Miraculously Quick Aging (Andrew) 4
The Art of Being Nick 4
Courtney Cox joins the cast 4
Hair Care (Mallory straightens it) 4
“At This Moment”, again and again 3
Too many flashbacks 3
Alex gets hooked on drugs 3
Singing (Jennifer forms a band; Alex manages) 3

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