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Another story to your body:


Motherfxxxer is beautiful and so was his set. He seemed to have a better feel for the sound system then Ellen — everything bumped harder, as he struck this phenomenal balance between vicious and pleasant. Matt stuck to 4/4 house, minimal enough to make me feel the good kinda space and caustic enough to taint that space with paranoia. By the time he went on, the dancefloor was clearing off — it seemed like he was playing four times the quality to half the crowd. He brought out some big-gun track, massive stomping funk, and the place was packed again.

He set it on fire.

[via fourfour]

I had plans to attend this show, but was out of the country. Not that I would trade a paid trip to Italy, but I do wish I could have gone.

Really, I’m just trying to get credit for being an early, eager Matthew Dear fan.


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