what an asshole


Now, I never liked the idea of spending up for Monster Cable since the physics just don’t support their whole business, but this quote is just ridiculous on several fronts.

Basically millions of people every year walk into Radio Shack or Circuit City and ask the help for “wires” and because they usually don’t even know what they are trying to do, and only have a vague idea of connector shapes at best, the associate will proceed to walk them over to the Monster Cable section and charge them $89 for a six foot S-Video & RCA set. And because of this shady practice, the CEO of said shady company is enriched to the point where he is spending $1000 over retail for two (Apple!) PowerBooks that have colored glossy finishes to match his Lamborghini and Ferrari!. How many things are wrong here? And why does anyone need a Ferrari and a Lamborghini — pick man, you can only drive one car at a time.


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