f1 motor hijinx

f1motorThermodynamics 101, brought to you by the warmup sequence of a Formula 1 motor

Here we have an V10 F1 engine being revved hard, without the carbon fiber engine cover, on stands, at night. They manage to get the exhaust pipes to a seriously beautiful glow before they have to shut it down.

Normally you would never do this without either running the car — F1 cars like sharks in that they have to keep moving to keep cool or else they overheat in a matter of ninety seconds or so, engine idle speed is around 8,000 rpm — or having dedicated cooling systems around.

Since this is pretty reckless, I suspect this might have been the last days at Arrows, a team that quit F1 at the end of the 2002 season. It jives with the Orange uniforms and markings on the car. If anyone knows different let me know.

This is a 3.0 liter V10, previously on coreyh.com I had a link to an mpeg of a Cosworth 2.4 liter V8 doing 20,000 rpms.

[via MetaCool]


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