goth dental hygienist

Visitors to the Archangel dental surgery in west London are confronted by a goth dentist, Didier Goalard, who says: “I’ve got goth friends who are doing quite well. There’s a dentist in Lyon, a couple of solicitors, a Church of England priest.” …

Goalard the dentist is now 39 but refuses to wear the white smock, preferring to top his boots with a black uniform. Faithful to the last, he plays Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke songs as he drills.

Link [via Boing Boing]

I knew it! I’ve long suspected my dental hygienist was into S&M, but I guess goth isn’t that much of a leap right? My suspicions aren’t based on her willingness to inflict pain on me, although she certainly is more than willing, but just something about her that makes me picture her wearing all black and there’s just some quality to her that says she’s got some history.


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