golf bachelor weekend recap

Just a couple of points to recap my friend Jared’s bachelor party weekend.

  • You can demo/rent golf clubs from New York Golf Center on 35th between Broadway and 7th Ave, they gave me a really nice set of Ping G5s, $50 for three days. I’m in the market for clubs and I’m going straight for a good set, no starter business for me. My American Express points are worth either a set of irons or a set of woods, but not both. The first set of clubs I played with were my grandfather’s Pings and that combined with good marketing mean that I’m not going to buy any other brand of iron, but they offer a number of different lines that I still need to choose from.
  • Limo rides over twenty minutes in length are a mistake if you suffer from car sickness. The privacy screen goes up, you can’t see the road and worse you could be sitting sideways or backwards. Our three and a half hour trip to the Connecticut woods from the city was pretty much a constant struggle to avoid vomiting.
  • At the Mohegan Sun casino
    Jared: See <name withheld>? That’s a $500 chip he’s got; he’s gonna lose that.
    Corey: Oh yeah, on what game, blackjack, craps?
    Jared: No, no. I mean he’s just going to lose it.

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  1. get the irons. Ping will custom fit. Irons haven’t really changed in 30 years, and doubt if they ever will. Driver technology changes monthly.

    If you get the irons, you can leave them to your grand kids. If you get the woods, they will end up at the Goodwill.

    Let me know if you want to play 9 early some Sat or Sunday in the Garden State.

    Hermano –

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