Erin and her Cello

Here are four songs from Erin and her Cello. I mentioned Erin once before here on CoreyH, but it deserves to be repeated.

Erin is a new friend from the neighborhood and it just so happens, she is really talented and put on a fantastically entertaining show. She sang and played the cello (mostly picking/plucking whatever it’s called), while a xylophone player, percussionist (bongo + shakers and clackers n’stuff) and beat-boxer/mouth hornist backed her up.

The songs are: Breakdancin’ Man (about the breakdancing guys on the subway), Tiny Buns (about Chinese food, specifically tiny pork buns), Subway Crush (about a 2/3 train crush) and Bitten Me Bad (just listen). This was recorded at Ars Nova this summer in NYC.

Erin is playing quite a bit around town, I strongly suggest you check out a show at your earliest convenience.

<technical section>
This was my first attempt at uploading video to YouTube. I ripped these from a DVD Erin gave me and edited the clips using Adobe’s Premiere Elements. The original DVD was really really dark and the tools for adjusting it within Premiere worked great in the live preview, but it was not WYSIWYG and the final product in MPEG-1 was never close to what I was seeing in the preview. So I had to do it by trial and error, which at a fifteen minute rendering time meant slow going.

Uploading to YouTube was definitely easy, I don’t know about 1.65 billion easy, but it was definitely easy. I will say that for my money, the absolute #1 thing YouTube did right was enable the embedding of the video. I mean, imagine the board meeting where they told the investors that you could put the video anywhere, with no advertising other than the watermarked logo in the corner. Took guts, and they made good on it — good for them.
</technical section>


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