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Six or so years ago my brother Kevin bought me a Logitech Force Feedback Wheel w/ pedals as a present. I didn’t use it for the first couple years because I didn’t have a gaming worthy computer. But when Need for Speed Underground came out, I had a suitable machine (albeit running Windows Server 2003) and played finally. Good times. Except you see, my game playing is obsessive mode. I play nearly constantly until I win or get hopelessly stuck. So play each new version of Need for Speed for days straight and then uninstall the game and put the wheel back in the closet until the next version comes out. I’ve done Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted and lately Carbon. I don’t know if they made the game easier or if I’ve just gotten better, but this one I was able to finish career mode pretty much straight through, maybe eight hours total.

In the game you get to purchase cars of your choosing and buy upgrades. All the way from VW Golfs to Lamborghini Murcielago. My favorite car from the game series is the Renault Clio (pictured above). I like the way it handles and it sounds cool. I (virtually) buy it as soon as I can afford it and stuff it full of superchargers and Nitrous.

The weird part is now I want one in real life.

I’d have to import one though, because they don’t sell them here in the states. Autoblog yesterday had a promo video that Renault made featuring the Clio being driven by their F1 driver, which is underwhelming, but there are a few tricked out versionsĀ of the V6 model with stunning pictures.

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