Jessica Walter

Arrested Development is being re-run on basic cable, the G4 network I think. I caught most of the episodes in the original run of the show, but there is so much detailed, subtle comedy in there, I highly recommend watching them again.

In 1966, John Frankenheimer¬†directed Grand Prix, the classic F1 racing movie. The film is a seriously artsy, dedicated effort to capture the world of racing, from the driver’s lives to long, realistic driving sequences. Apparently almost all the drivers drove their own racecars (minus one scaredy-cat, meow) at full speed since the director figured fans would know the difference if they went slowly and just sped up the film. James Garner, the star was said to frequently match or better the professional racers during the between takes racing action. There’s lots more of good trivia at the IMDB page, and if you’re up for three hours of mid sixties cutting edge filmmaking, check it out.

Why mention these two things in the same post? Jessica Walter plays Pat Stoddard, a drivers wife in Grand Prix; 40 years later she plays Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development.


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