update: Blackjack modeming works well

I mentioned in my initial blackjack post that I knew I could hook up my phone to my laptop and use the data connection through it, but I wasn’t sure how well it would work and that I might need to go out and get a separate card and data plan.

Well, I’m happy to say it works really well and I have no plans for a dedicated card. I have to use USB because there is an issue with doing it over Bluetooth and Vista (I’ll post an update when I get that working). I used Speakeasy’s speed test tool and you can see the speeds in the image above, which says 1070kbps — over 1 mbit/sec!! — down and 91kbps up, which is you don’t notice in most laptop scenarios, including remote desktop. Granted this is in the middle of Manhattan, but I’ve actually been impressed by the 3G coverage I’m getting as I travel around. Reception is much much better overall than my old SMT5600 and it pays to remember that if your reception sucks it might not be your provider, but perhaps the device.

You can even receive and make phone calls when the connection is live. The only issue I can see is that it doesn’t seem to charge over USB while the sharing is happening and there’s only one connector for power. Fortunately they include a second battery with its own charger so you just swap that one out for all day use if need be.

I guess the point of this post is a) wow, it is really cool that it works. It feels a bit like magic when you have it going and b) iPhone schmyPhone smile_tongue


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  1. Did you use software to connect your blackjack to your laptop for internet? I have done it with a smartphone but am having problems getting it with my blackjack, I have been searching the internet for instructions! Can you help me?

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