Vista forgets certs

I’ve been running Vista for a while now and I only have two significant outstanding issues.

  1. A corrupted iPod thanks to Apple’s unforgivable lack of testing on Vista. Guys, the betas, release clients and RTM versions have been out for what, eighteen months? I’m in that “if they don’t release a fix for this that I can run, I’m not buying another iPod ever” territory. related link
  2. We are using a self-signed cert to use on our source control setup. I install the certificate manually into the trusted root folder and it works for between thirty minutes and a day and a half, then it just, poof, forgets about it. Google turns up zilch on the topic, yet I am certain I am not the only person this is happening to.

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  1. FYI
    There was an article in an Australian newspaper here yesterday talking about how the major broadband providers in Australia will not be able to support customers with Vista until late 2007. Fortunately I found a no-name, smaller broadband provider named Unwired who was able to get me around the normal installation procedures that don’t support Vista (I was able to go directly to their website after plugging in my modem and sign on from there). THere were brief moments of panic though!

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