windows server 2003 sp2 firewall update


I installed this on my servers within about two hours of it being released to the web. I am compelled, I can’t explain it.

Anyway, just a tiny little note to say that when you upgrade, all NICs will have their firewall turned on automatically. As you can see in the picture we have a backend, management NIC with dedicated hardware, it doesn’t really need a firewall. 

I caught this pretty quickly, but I’m putting this up there in the hopes that I can save someone else some degree of suffering. Don’t rollback just yet anonymous Google friend!


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  1. I wonder if this explains slowness on W2K3 after SP2 install when Firewall is disabled. I have seen posts indicating that starting the firewall services and then disabling the firewall on the server resolves slow access issues.

    We don’t have the Firewall running and we found that network access became very slow for some processes. If behind the scenes it tries to turn it on on the NIC card and ew have Firewall disabled on Server, conflict???

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