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image My last post used a Steve Austin quote and it isn’t a perfect match, so adding another post which will touch on bionic stuff.

When you haveĀ a second, look at your toes.

Is your second toe longer than your big toe? Mine is. It is called Morton’s Toe, “Although commonly described as a disorder, it is sufficiently common to be considered a normal variant of foot shape”.

This is fine except for the blister on top of blister on top of blister on my left second toe from 13 Mile+ runs. I now wear the ridiculous item in the photo that I have to buy at dance-supply stores. It has has gel inside and it is made for ballerinas.

I recently read about runners having toenails surgically removed permanentlylink, but not for the squeamish — rather than deal with them.

Let’s see, what other bionic (well not really bionic, but body modification through science) sports options are available?

  • Lasik eye surgery to go beyond 20/20 — Tiger Woods, etc.
  • Do swimmers get laser hair removal? Probably.
  • Pool players and target shooters get line up a shot tattoos.
  • What else?
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